Helping Kids Make Right Choices

How can we teach young people that our actions have consequences? This original and relevant game helps you explore with kids the everyday choices they have to make. Most good or bad things we do involve our hands. So the Helping or Hurting Hands printable game is very apt.

Part of game board for Helping or Hurting hands
Part of game board for Helping or Hurting hands

After the team have chosen a hand card, a scenario on the back is read out. Is it helping or hurting? Points are awarded accordingly. There are some scenarios suggested, but there is plenty of scope for you to develop it in a way that your kids can identify with.

When to use this game

We first made this game to add a bit of zip to a review of the lesson of Moses – murdering an Egyptian, then helping the shepherdesses.

It would be equally useful to review Zacchaeus – taking money, then giving it away. You may think of other Bible lessons where this review game will emphasise a theme in your teaching.

Alternatively, it could be used without the preliminary questions in a school assembly, or youth group discussion starter.

How to play

It is easy to set up and play. The “hand” cards should all be mounted on a board using Blu-Tack or some other removable method (e.g. magnetic strip). Then you:

  1. Ask a question on the lesson. If a child answers correctly, they choose a hand card to see if they get a bonus.
  2. If the scenario on the back of their chosen item demonstrates helping hands, they score the bonus.
  3. Anyone choosing the hand which has the Helping Hands gold star logo scores a double bonus!

The download is a PDF document, ready to print. It contains full instructions, design for the varied “hand cards”, and printed scenarios to attach to the back of the cards.

Right-click on the link below and then save it to your computer.

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