personal testimony

Remembering and Roosters

A cockerel stands proudly

Do you sometimes feel dragged down by your past failures?
Do you have painful memories of missed opportunities, mishandled situations, or wrong choices?

This weight from the past need not prevent you from moving forward into a bright future.
When I saw this photo of the rooster I felt that warm glow that comes with good memories.

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Steve McQueen : A rebel rescued

Steve McQueen smiling. Photo by Phil Avery

Steve McQueen starred in over thirty movies, including Le Mans, Towering Inferno and The Great Escape.He was a wild and troubled man, and something of a loner. His early life was very traumatic. As one friend stated, “Steve knew what it was like to be dyslexic, deaf, illegitimate, backward, beaten, abused, deserted.” But God rescued him.

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Golden Celebration

A bunch of Golden Celebration roses in full bloom

From the moment this rose bush produces its beautiful buds, golden yellow streaked with red, it shows promise of being a spectacularly beautiful flower. Then stage by stage, as it grows, it opens out into a magnificent full golden rose with an outstanding perfume. And that is exactly what the rose catalogue says this flower

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