Scuba Diving Game Shows Concern for the Environment

scuba diver

How can we engage kids in discussion about marine pollution? This printable game is a starting point. 

Will the team pick a card with exotic fish, shells, or polluting rubbish? The game is full of surprise bonus points.  Just add  your own quiz questions to enjoy this fun way of thinking about a serious matter.

Easy to make and set up

Print the cards, cut them out and laminate them, mount them on a board with Blu Tack, or some other reusable adhesive, and you are good to go!  Just add your own question list.

How to play the game

  • Ask a question on the lesson. If a child answers correctly, they receive points for their team (say 50) and then they choose a number card, which is removed to reveal the item beneath.
  • Depending on which underwater item is shown, bonuses are added to the team’s score. No bonus is added if rubbish is found.
  • Suggested bonuses are in the printout and you might like to cut out and laminate that sheet as a permanent reminder to you, and for all to see as they play the review game.
  • The winner is the team with the most points after all the items have been revealed, or when time is up.

Full instructions, visuals and a suggested list of bonuses are included in the free download, which is a single PDF.

Right-click on the link below and then save the file to your computer.

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