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Are you looking for…

A PowerPoint teaching series for your church small group
Brief presentations for school assemblies and children’s talks in church
No-cost visuals and helpful tips for a Sunday School class or children’s club
Tried and tested ideas for activities and ministry for your youth group
A fresh approach for your services in retirement homes
You don’t “teach” but you are looking for ways to communicate the love of Jesus to your own family or neighbours.

If so…our resources are here for you!

Bible with cross

Bible Teaching

PowerPoint series covering Christian belief and how it may be lived out.

artist pallette


Illustrated and colourful Bible stories and short allegorical tales.

speech bubles

Review Games

You provide questions; we provide exciting lesson review games.

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Tips and Ideas

Helpful tips, sermon illustrations and testimonies to inspire.

Everything is Free!

PowerPoints, Printables, Tips and Tools

Whatever your ministry,
whatever age group you reach,
you are welcome to use these original resources.
Why not check out some samples below?


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How Should I Pray?

“How can I organise a time of personal prayer?” – a question often asked by people who want to be more systematic in their devotions. This free PowerPoint talk uses the word STOP to teach four aspects of personal prayer in a very memorable way. 
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When I am Afraid title slide

How to Cope With Fear

Today kids are exposed to media portraying the occult, violence and other horrors. Teaching on how to overcome fear is vital. Some fears keep us safe. Some can take over our lives, and have such a grip that the fear controls what we can do and where we can go.…
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Choir rehearsal

Can God use me?

Do you think you are too old, or too young, too inexperienced, too unskilled, unqualified and decidedly ordinary to be used by God? Nothing could be further from the truth!
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lake and mountain


What if you knew your life was coming to an end? One Christian wrote about his feelings and what he did next. His confidence in eternal life was unshaken.
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An illustration of a Spartan soldier with spear, helmet and shield

Faith is a Shield

Reinhardt Bonnke, an evangelist with Christ for All Nations, wrote about faith in these stirring words. When Spartan mothers sent their sons to battle, their parting cry was, “Come back with your shield or on it.” In other words, “Come back victorious or die honourably.” The Spartan king, Demaratos was…
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Slice of a tree trunk showing rings like a rose

A Rose at the Heart of a Tree

We were sad when our big, old plum tree contracted a disease that couldn’t be treated. Its life had come to an end. When it was cut down we were amazed to see what looked like the picture of a rose at the heart of its trunk. It’s very natural…
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Review Games

Review game Key to Success or a Mess

Keys to Success or a Mess?

How do you apply the principles of your Bible lesson to life today? This free PowerPoint game gives opportunities to discuss the consequences of life choices. Like our Spot the Bug game, this one relies on TWO PowerPoint presentations being open at the same time. By choosing random keys, clicking…
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Part of game board for Helping or Hurting hands

Helping Kids Make Right Choices

How can we teach young people that our actions have consequences? This original and relevant game helps you explore with kids the everyday choices they have to make.
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Practical Matters

Praying hands on book

Pray before presenting

If you feel your ministry needs to be revitalised and more productive, this is for you! Whether writing a sermon, planning a Sunday School lesson, organising a youth talk or preparing a small group Bible study − focused prayer during preparation is the key.
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Leader and team member chatting

7 Characteristics of a Wise Leader

Would you like to improve the quality of your leadership? RON EDMONDSON has more than 35 years leadership experience, mostly as a self-employed business owner, and has been in full-time ministry for over 16 years. He writes several times a week on leadership, church and family. In a recent post he…
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