Christmas Review Games

Whether you are gathered as a family, or a church group with kids, or perhaps even in a class at school, these games add a lot of fun to the get-together.

Snow Globe Review Game

A snow man in a snow globe

If you have a list of items that the kids have been learning (Books of the Bible; Ten Commandments, etc) this is a fun way of reviewing them.

Have a volunteer come to the front and shake the snow globe.  He or she them has to recite the list completely, before the snow has all settled.  Check yourself, before the meeting, to see if it can be done!

Winter Warmer Review Game

Cartoon of a boy and girl warmly wrapped in winter clothes

Prepare for each team a hat, scarf, pair of gloves, pair of woolly socks and pair of boots.  If they are adult size, this will add to the fun the fun!

Choose a representative for each team.

As each team in turn answers the review questions correctly, the representative at the front dons on item (gloves, socks and boots go on in pairs).

First team to wear everything wins!

This game can also be played without quiz questions.

One team member tries to put on all the clothes before the second team gets a six on a dice or spinner.

If they do score a six, the person dressing must discard every item and the other team get a turn. The team that manages to wear all items before the six is thrown wins the game.

Post Box Review Game

Use cardboard to cut the shape of a letter box.  Colour it appropriately and put cotton wool on the top to represent snow.  A robin cut from a Christmas card will add to the seasonal atmosphere!

Now cut a 3-sided slit in the cardboard so that it may be folded back to create a door.

On the back of the hole, tape a black bin liner, cut to size.  Let it droop a little below the lower lip of the door, but not so far that is dangles below the bottom of the “post box”. The idea is that it will hold the letters and cards which you will place inside.

For young children, especially those who already know the Christmas story, you can save Christmas cards with pictures depicting elements in the Christmas story. Put each card in an envelope (but for convenience, don’t stick it down).

Have  each child in the group come to the letter box to pick out an envelope.  They must then tell which part of the story is in the picture.

One group used this game very successfully in a Christmas Party.  The children pretended to be Postman Pat!

A soft toy cat  (Postman Pat’s pet) was passed round in a “pass the parcel” style.  The musician watched , making sure to stop the music at a different child each time, so that all had a turn.  The child holding the cat then chose an envelope.

For older children, the envelopes may contain similar Christmas cards, or review questions to follow up the lesson.

Have you come across, or originated any Christmas review games, object lessons, or teaching applications which you found effective?  We’d love to hear about them. You can tell us about them in the comments below.

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