God in the Dark

God in the dark

It was a very dark night. Meteorites were falling from the sky.

Dr Leslie Church, when a child, was walking with his father on the Welsh hills. He was startled, but thought the falling meteorites bright and desirable, so he ran after them, eager to find one for himself.

Grabbed for the treasure

Dr Church described how he grabbed at the spot where he thought the treasure lay, to find nothing, not even star dust. Suddenly he realised it was very dark, that his knees were cut and bleeding, and his hands scratched and torn, and most terrifying of all, he thought that he was alone and lost.

A familiar voice

Then he heard a familiar voice calling his name. It was that of his father. He was not alone, he was not lost, and the cuts and bruises did not matter. Dr. Church said:

He was with me, and I belonged to him, however black the darkness; however lonely the moor.

So Christ came to reveal the Eternal Father

He came to humanity, to be our Friend and Saviour, so that however dark our spiritual night, however forsaken we might feel, or however great our sense of being lost by reason of our sin, we might find in Jesus a mighty Saviour and a constant Friend. Is he that to you?

Photo by Andre Shalygin/Hemera

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