Sin or Praise

black smoke rising

All the blasphemy, all the unbelief, all the dirty stories, all the lying, all the deception, all the sex-perversion, all the drunkenness – this tremendous column of iniquity goes up in the sight of God. And here you have a little wisp – of what? That is the praise that God gets out of His people. We have to recognise that sin offends God.

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A king who identifies with his people

The Danish crown

Minister and writer Alan Smith recounted this story in his blog Thought for the Day. Many years ago, when Hitler’s forces occupied Denmark, the order came that all Jews in Denmark were to identify themselves by wearing armbands with yellow stars of David. The Danes had seen the extermination of Jews in other countries and

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God in the Dark

God in the dark

Dr Leslie Church tells us that once, when a child, he went out for a walk with his father on the Welsh hills. It was a very dark night. Meteorites were falling from the sky. He was startled, but darted after them, to own one. Then he was lost and terrified on a dark and lonely moor.

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