Lesson review games

Animal Rescue Printable Review Game

One of the game boards for Animal Rescue

TV programmes dealing with rescuing abused pets and injured wild life are also helping kids understand the need to care for animals in danger, and also our pets. It is suitable for any lesson containing an animal. For example Jesus with the donkey and foal; Noah’s Ark; Elijah and the ravens that fed him; Balaam’s Ass… and so on. Or it could simply be a stand-alone favourite.

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Christmas Cookies Game

The opening screen of the Christmas Cookie game

This  simple PowerPoint game is great fun, with colourful cookies and surprise bonus points. Play it quickly as a fun stand-alone game (you can amuse the children at home over the holidays) , or use it  as an effective review game after a Bible lesson. Here’s how the Cookie Count PowerPoint Game works Two teams

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PowerPoint Burger Bar fun lesson review game

Title lide for Burger Bar PowerPoint game

Make your lesson review as much fun for your kids as going for a burger! Have your own questions prepared, and then open up this PowerPoint game, which is played on two PowerPoint presentations which are opened simultaneously. The playing “board” has 15 hidden items – three each of a burger, fries, drink, ketchup and ice cream. The aim of the game is to gather one each of all the items. Will the teams find them all?

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Keys to Success or a Mess?

Review game Key to Success or a Mess

How do you apply the principles of your Bible lesson to life today? This free PowerPoint game gives opportunities to discuss the consequences of life choices. Like our Spot the Bug game, this one relies on TWO PowerPoint presentations being open at the same time. By choosing random keys, clicking them, and reading the scenarios

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